School Mission

We are a non-profit-making kindergarten founded by Hong Kong & Macau Lutheran Church in the Wong Tai Sin district receiving government subsidies. Holding onto the Christian spirit of love and kindness in our teaching, we advocate children to learn through play, through which they can apply and consolidate what they have learnt, develop independent thinking skills, comprehension skills, creativity, communication skills and problem-solving skills.


Our Philosophy

With a pleasurable and wonderful learning environment, children can…

  • Develop a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Develop positive spirituality, morality and sociability.
  • Spark creative thinking;
  • Unleash their full potential;
  • Attain whole-person development.

We have…


  • A cosy, spacious campus where children feel comfortable, happy and secure to explore and learn.
  • Our teaching team love children and are committed to early childhood education. We believe “example is better than precept”. We shape the next generation by being a positive role model for them.
  • A firm belief that children’s learning should be connected to their life experiences. Real-life experience is critical to enhancing children’s learning motivation and interest, thus consolidating their knowledge, skills and attitude.
  • A shared vision to cultivate the next generation to navigate the future with confidence, ambition, willingness to strive for excellence, innovation, gratitude, responsibility, health and happiness.