Student Support

We provide children and parents with pre-school rehabilitation services and school social work services. For non-Chinese speaking students, we arrange a diverse range of activities designed to meet their learning needs to promote cultural inclusion.We also allow an adaptation period with progressive school hours for new students, where parents are invited to accompany their child during the lessons.

Visits to primary schools and lessons simulating those of primary school are arranged for K3 students to help them make a smooth transition to primary school and prepare them for their learning in the future. Talks about primary one admission are organized for parents to support them on the selection of primary schools and enable them to get a glimpse of the features of primary school.

Other Information


For further information or assistance, please contact EDB:

Telephone of Regional Educational Offices:
(HK) 2863 4646、(NTE) 2639 4876、(KLN) 3698 4108、(NTW) 2437 7272

Telephone of Joint Office for Kindergartens and Child Care Centres: 3107 2197

Hotline for parents of NCS children on admission to KGs: 2892 6676